for the sake of the argument

by gamma waves

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released July 1, 2012



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gamma waves Jersey City, New Jersey

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Track Name: the they in your life
they were here before you
they'll be here long after you
they will always have more than you

they make it seem that way
it seems that way
they seem that way
they can make it seem that way

they will always know better
and have another way you should be doing things
have another way you should be seeing things

they don't need an alibi
they're behind the rules they hide behind
behind the rules they hide behind

what else could they be behind
maybe everything that is wrong in your life
and maybe everything that is ruining your life

maybe there's a reason for that alibi
maybe they have never even tried to hide
maybe there has never been a they to find

maybe there's a reason behind
you let them take over and control of your life you can hide behind
you can hide behind
Track Name: uncertainty
uncertainty isn't necessarily
the worst place to be

something is here
something is there
someplace is near
could it be there if i don't stare

take a measurement
will it correlate
well that depends
on what thing you're measuring

is there another axis point
could it be a linguistic point?

for the sake of argument
let's pursue the negativity you pursue

the more precisely you pursue this end
the more it ends

if you never find it
the point when it ends
the point when it ends

the principal has you chasing
a negative end
to a negative end

don't let this end become
a negative end
Track Name: all other asides
look up you'll find each link that you find connects
another question another question another question
you'll find it out - it's how we connect

two things that have been on your mind and unconnectable
until the time you had the time to put aside
all other asides that wasted time

let's not make this more complicated than it has to be
what's so frustrating
is that everything that means something hasn't got a word
it's so frustrating

it's ok to be in a state of disarray
Track Name: the same way
leave the old alone
let them settle scores that were there own
issues deep inside their bones

leave well enough alone
let them die with what's inside their heads
or you'll rattle their death beds

you might be alone
when it comes upon you in your bed
you might never know the end

the time might never come
when your thoughts about what's next
will ever come in vogue

we will never know
with any authority
which way or not to heed

they feel the same way you do
but in different ways

they feel the same way you do
but the different ways

were come upon the same way
you would but there's a different way
Track Name: these things
descriptions of beautiful things
you are not the thing you're into
as an artist in this day and the age
you describe the indescribable
you transcribe what people tell you to
you are not the maker of things

these things will not become you

pay attention to who collects your attention
what does it pay these days for your attention
does it matter if it doesn't matter
does it matter if you don't create the matter
you don't create

these things do not become you
these things will never become you
Track Name: the next one
welcome to the only thing we get
that this is the only one
is lost on everyone we know
waiting for a next one
but there is only one
it's the only one

i'm not saying you should settle
i don't want you to regret
it's ok to be afraid
i am made of fear and fret
even when a lesson's given
it's a given no one listened
let me play that last part back
it's a given no one listened
even when I should have listened
it's a given, I won't listen

in the first part there was only one
but there is always one more thing
if you keep holding out
and holding on
waiting for the next one
there is more than one